Who wants some?

OK, so the race to 1.5M on Rosetta is pretty much done.

The Major finally overtook me today. :worship: :hail: He will reach the 1.5M about 12 hours before me on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, but has since moved onto pastures new. Have fun in your new home m8 :wave:

After 6 months of 24/7 Rosetta, I feel the need for something new. Question is, what?

I see the race on Folding, and although I think I could bring some beer to the party, it seems a bit long winded to install across the farm on all the dual core and HT boxes. Is there an easy way to install folding on linux multi core boxes across the farm :confused: or is anyone up for a run in on one of the Boinc projects?

So, if you want a piece of the Nightlord’s beasts, you know where to find me…:devil:


The Three stooges could use a bit of help with their challenge.
DT should know about about folding on a farm.

Bring it on I say, if you want to add to the stooges meagre total


It’ll be good to se the teams scores suddenly jump on Folding Nightlord. Have a chat with DT about the Linux box issues. He’s tha man for that sort of thing, or maybe Mojo as well.

There is a sneaky way to avoid having to put in your details each time for multi instances, and the way the call to arms has gone on Folding, Four stooges could be needed :lol:


I’d be up for a race… but given your fire power I don’t think it would be much of a race. unless a few of us could group together to take you on :slight_smile:

dont forget to throw some rigs on simap nightlord :slight_smile: could do with some help to edge up the ranks… plus its boinc :wink:


Nah, join the pack thats chasing the stooges.
If Nightlord drops some hardware into the mix we could use a little help on folding for a month.

OK, so here’s an update:

The Rosetta numbers are currently:
MAOJC 1.492M
Nightlord 1.486M

Meaning The Major will win by roughly 12 hours as predicted. :whiteflag:

So tomorrow night, I’ll put a toe in the water on Folding. It will probably take a couple of evenings to switch the farm over, which will give you guys plenty of time to figure out which side I should take. So it’s make your mind up time, am I to be a villain or a hero? :rolleyes:

Whichever way round…to quote the infamous Duke Nukem…

[i]Come get some![/i] :devil:

Be a real villain and join team 33272 :devil:

Wouldn’t have expected anything else from you guys:p

But try as I might, my fingers keep coming back to 3…1…5…

You should try it, those keys give you a “When Harry met Sally” moment:spin:

What, they make me feel awkward and uneasy, as if I was sitting in a cafe watching a women have a fake orgasm at my mere presence? :slight_smile:


not sure I follow either.

Maybe hes high?

Sitting in his garage with the engine running, typing away on a laptop…

Bah… theres no room in there “garage” not with the pool table and the bar and all the jazz in there…

If you having difficulties in that department try a different pickup line.
Perhaps “Brace yourself Sheila” is due for retirement ?


Bah… where aussie… say anything else and you will get turnt down… keep up.

:lol: :newmon: thanks tfw - ten minutes to clear this lot up and and I’ll be back browsing the forum!

You know nightlord you could go 50/50 for the teams… best of both worlds really…