My return to mountain biking didn’t go quite to plan!

Didn’t hurt myself for a change but the poor Jag suffered a bit…

Just parking up into the woods and drove onto what looked like bone dry mud and dry leaves only to discover this goo underneath.

Luckily my mate had his Landy there to pull me out, the Jag is fine, just a little covered in mud. Got a few funny looks driving home. :rolleyes:

Funny, that looks like an X-type with full time four wheel drive


Nope, the diesels don’t have 4WD, only the 2.5 and 3l petrols are 4WD. It nearly made it out under it’s own steam but after about 5 mins of rocking backwards and forwards I had to call in the Defender!

Nice car :D.
ill swap ya for jacks gocart I doubt you could do anything bad to that :D;)

Hmmmmm, not a bad offer, it’s only a company car so I’m sure they wouldn’t miss it :wink:

and my 4 month old nipper is about ready to get karting! Hopefully he will be heal and toeing and left foot braking before he’s walking.

That is a very nice car, looks good with those alloys as well. What do you do for a living that affords you wheels like that?

Thanks, it’s still no Skyline, but now I’m a family man those days are behind me I fear :rolleyes:

I’m a Project Manager for a digital communications company, not that much fun but it pays the bills.