Who's gonna win...

South Africa or England in the cricket???

My geckos always win over crickets! :lol:


Mwahahahahaha, slaughtered:nod:

The Jacques doing da business:D

Still got a game in hand against Zim on saturday and well in the lead wrt run rate.


Don’t count on it :wink: The Brits are taking it easy :lol:

Hmmm, we’ll see on Saturday:thumbsup:

10 W/U’s to the winner ??

Coolest. I seem to remember loosing 25 to you over a rugger game not so long ago.

10 wooz it is, may the best team win.

I’m torn between who to support seeeing as my old man is a Brit.

:banana: The WORST score recorded by an internation cricket
team at Lords :lol:

We smashed you by 7, Yes 7 wickets :yippee:

Yip, we played really sh!tty.

Consolation to us, we beat Autralia in the rugby at Newlands:D

PM me your mail addy and I’ll start the crunching for you.

:cheers: bud. Yeah, your playing rugby alot better at the moment.
Actually, the rugby has been enjoyable :agree:

Juggy, England v SA at cricket next week :smiley:

I really should learn to ignore you you know:nod:

50 woots on the first test???

30 woots ??

30 sounds good, I figured 10 per day and it’s a 5 day test.

/Actually I was just trying to scare you away but clearly Dale doesn’t scare easily:(

:lol: No doubt rain will stop play so a draw is inevitable :wink:

Start crunching that wootage Dale, I’ve got a good feeling about this one:chuckle:

I hope it’s not painful :eek: :lol:

At least I know I’ll get back to Divi 5 with these W/U’s
coming my way :smiley: :Poke:

Bangladesh’ll :smash: 'em both :wink:
Oops, sorry - they’re beating the Aussies

Roll over to the next test keepin it at 30???