Who's this?

Was just looking through the team stats for Seti@Home and came across another AndyLamb in the team.
Was there another, or is something broken.


I did have another account that I forgot the password to. but I certainly did not sign up in 1999, as I was 11 years old at the time and did not know of TPR!
Just found it interesting. /Edit, it definately was me, as the profile mentions me and the ex, was confused as to why it said 1999 though…

@ DT is it possible for you to see what the email address is on that user?

On another note, ive set Boinc up again to do some crunching for the team,
currently 48 on the team rank :slight_smile:

both appear to be you :lol:


^^ spot the difference :slight_smile:

yeh its definitely my account. just trying to remember which email address I used for it :smiley:

YES more crunching!!! :smiley:

Nice to see you crunching SETI again m8 :slight_smile: