why cant I

Use any command other than , ./boinc_4.13_i686-pc-linux-gnu which I use to start client? None of the others seem to work, such as -run_cpu_benchmarks. They do nothing! What am I doing wrong. :wall: I’ve tried what I think may be every possible combination, please help. fingers bruised and bleeding, seeing double and my neck does not work right any longer. :cussing:

./boinc_4.13_i686-pc-linux-gnu -return_results_immediately
./boinc_4.13_i686-pc-linux-gnu -run_cpu_benchmarks
./boinc_4.13_i686-pc-linux-gnu -attach_project

All these work for me under Fedora, can you be more specific about “can’t run”? What happens when you try?

When I try any of these commands and press enter it skips down one line and does nothing. at first I was getting bad command messages, now like I said it just seems to do nothing.

OK. I think I got it. Is it that you have to exit boinc then give command? Thank’s Mojo you’ve been a big help!