Why you should not buy cars on ebay!

They look like bargains.
Get a cheap prestige car with tax and MOT for no money at all.

Then one Saturday morning you start investigating that niggling problem its apparently had for years, an appetite for alternators.

As the rusty bolts come undone and the rattly heatshields come off you find out why enthusiast maintained cars should be avoided.

This example seems to have been rather lucky not to catch fire.
Porsche have recently dropped certain service items from the available parts list for the 924, I do wonder if they are trying to kill off the remaining examples of this car.

dear lord

I should add the shiny bit of copper used to be the Alternator output wire.
Its connected unfused straight to the starter motor cable.
So you have a big fat cable feeding into a thinner cable.

If that shorts to ground theres no fuse to stop it catching fire :eek:

Fixit would be simple if the starter solenoid HADN’T fallen to bits when I undid the wiring.

Will be appearing on Ebay once its running, on a mission now.

Its a Porsch, goes like a rocket (Lots of smoke and flames)

LOL :haha:

Located a new starter motor and it has to go away to make room for something much more shiny and with more pistons.

If anybody wants a Rusty Silver '81 924 (Yes the VW Van engined one) that will be in running order drop me a PM. Can be delivered.

Should be on Ebay this Sunday.

Gave up on the silver shed, The nice chap delivering my latest purchase was interested in it so he is now the proud owner of a self combusting two door coop.

Next purchase is a 16 valve in TartsHandbag Red
Pictures to follow

The good

The Very good

And the not so good (chicken wire over the lights and a bonnet bulge held on with sticky tape)

A definate work in progress

/edit Just noticed I bought it from “Number 13”. Oh No!!!


MMMMMmmmmmm V8 goodness :slight_smile:
So how does it Drive squier?

Being short of Tax and slightly bereft of MOT I couldnt possibly comment just yet.

Getting insurance will be fun, Adrian Flux asked me to call back later and Endsleigh just put the phone down on me.


Should be fun in the wet. What sort of power that thing putting out? And is it just me or is that bulge off centre?

The bulge is off centre as its a non symmetrical inlet manifold with a 4 inch tube on one side.

“should” produce 190bhp as per the SD1 Vitesse it came from but probably less.
The fun should be in the torque :devil:

The fun at the moment is trying to find and finish all the little jobs that have been started but not completed.
As an example I’d like a drivers door that opens easily when I gently press on the door release from outside. At the moment its a two handed job to persuade the door to open and if you get the A&^E and slam the door it locks.

Even painted in the same shade of red as “Christine”

I started investigating the reluctant door and removed all the trim to see whats going on. The seller was quite pleased with his “Alcantara retrimmed doors” and I thought they looked ok as long as you didnt stare at them for too long.
Trouble is the Alcantara stuff is stapled over an old bit of kitchen unit cut into the shape of a Porsch door card :rolleyes:

Sounds like a nice weight saving move, not! :wink:

Nice car though, looks in good nick, apart from the bulge possibly, let us now how it goes :slight_smile:

Just need to figure out how to stick this on good and solid

And heres whats under that bit of Taiwanese Tupperware

that looks very professionally done…

Try Sikkaflex or similar m8, polyurethane adhesive

It needs at least a couple of pop rivets as well as adhesive. Trust me as someone who has had bits of body work come off at high speeds, it needs to be really on there, the airpressure at 100 + Mph is incredible.

u should see the air pressure of my friend sitting on the toilet… now, THATS incredible

Cheers Mojo, Was seriously considering No-more nails which is probably the same stuff.

R33, its geared to run out of revs at about 110 so wont be doing too much high speed stuff.

WORMSS, thanks for that image, you just saved me spending a fortune on lunch by providing a perfect appetite suppressing picture in my head. Is this a communal passtime or have you just set up a special interest web-cam ?
No dont answer that one, my curiousity has abated.