Win 2k shutdown routine

Hi there;

does anyone know if its possible that when windows (in this case 2k) gets a shutdown command, to add extra steps in this process? IE as it kills the explorer shell and the like it calls a script of mine?

bascailly there is a program that needs to shutdown in a certain mannor, but we cannot control when a shutdown / logoff is initiated and so finding it difficult to close it properly with no user intervention.


Might start looking here:
and lastly

Have not messed with 2000 in a long time, and not really sure if this is your answer hiding in this mess.

Group policy shutdown script seems to be the way forward! Thanks Vortex

Your welcome, glad I didn’t waste your time reading all that. ~smlies~

Group policy is your friend

I use startup and shut down scripts to clear the C4rp generated by windows out pre-shutdown.