win 7 libaries and linux file servers

Hi All,

so i went to finaly add my networked music collection to the music libaries in win 7 this morning only for windows to tell me that location was not indexed. ok fair enough…

problem is wiht the explorer showing libaries as the default view i would really like to add my music folder to the libary…

file server is running samba and the only way i have found to sort it would be to wipe my fileserver and install win7 or server 2008 neither i want to do…

so whats the story here? is it possible and if so how on earth can i do it?


Hi wyntrblue,

A couple of things to try:

Turn off the indexing service if you don’t really need it.

There is a patch available for Vista to allow indexing of network shares:

Best wishes

hi scrooge,

i have tried the latter but none of those suggestions sorted the problem :frowning: