Wind as alternate energy source

One of the best aspects of the wind energy as an alternate source of energy is that it is renewable. The wind energy can be generated again and again, without harming the earth. Unlike fossil fuels, which give out harmful gases on combustion, wind energy generation causes no effect on the earth. It helps in conserving the earth by reducing the greenhouse effect caused by the fossil fuel, as a source of energy.

The qualities of wind energy have made it an investor friendly sector. The wind power investment have grown in recent years. It is predicted that nearly 160 GW of capacity will get installed worldwide by 2010. This implies a high net growth rate of more than 21% per year.

The wind gets its power from the shining sun. When the sun shines, it heats up the land and the air above the land also gets hot. When this happens, the hot air rises up and is replaced by the heavier cooler air. This makes the wind to blow. The blowing wind rotates the blades of the turbines which are attached to a shaft that turns an electric generator to produce electricity.

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