Windows 10 build 10586

Going around manually updating PCs now, as I had forcibly disabled updates since we can’t have crunchers rebooting themselves now, can we? Noticed an update to build 10586 was offered on 3 of 4 computers. After repeatedly checking the one that didn’t get it, it still isn’t getting it.

Anyone else noticed similar?

One PC has finished upgrading, and the only thing of note so far is it uninstalled CPU-Z saying it was incompatible. Doubt it but haven’t got around to attempting reinstalling it yet.

Only observation is the PCs that got it were upgrades. The PC that didn’t get it was a clean install. Don’t know if that is a factor or pure coincidence.

Curious. Looks like there was some error installing it on one of my laptops, and it is still on the old build with no offer of the update any more. Other laptop install is still going, but it does have a crippling slow processor in it so I guess I’ll be leaving that overnight.

Oh, reinstalled CPU-z and it works fine. What are you on about MS?

Really don’t know Mackerel. I know some people with SSDs and an existing install have had their drives trashed by Win10 overlaying the existing OS, but not one that refuses to install, especially on a clean install. Might be nature’s way of telling you to not proceed. :slight_smile: