Windows-10 True progress or Snake-oil ?

I have shied away from installing Win-10 on anything.
A couple of friends have dabbled with it and had issues with printers and wireless as examples.
I have been oddly to busy to pop-round and help, even when beer was being offered.

In addition it has been categorically banned at one of my client sites for many reasons including its ability to download patches and re-boot on a whim.
Not ideal if you step away from the system for a coffee in/coffee out event and find a login screen where your mornings work used to be.

So apart from teething troubles, would you pay actual money for any of Windows 10 functionality ?

I am using Win10 on most of my home systems now. I still get a feeling of it trying to do two things at once, badly.

While I understand the reasoning for many of the changes, it is still a total arse to get things working as well as Win7. The update system being one of them. I had a fun driver war between Intel and MS on one system. Intel’s updater said there’s a new driver, so I installed it. Windows Update does a check, puts old ones back on for me that I didn’t want or asked for. So one more trip to Intel and WU is now disabled, which used to be easy, but now requires going into services and turning a bit off. On the unwanted reboots, you can set a delay so you’ll get through a coffee break without fear. It usually picks 3:30am for me, which is bad since I’m crunching a lot and they don’t auto-login.

What would I pay for? Well, the task manager is better than the one in Win7, but I’m not sure I’d pay just for that. DX12? Well, it might come in handy some day.

Put it this way, would I rather have 7 or 10? It’s about 50/50 but long term outlook for 10 swings it, just. Would I rather have 8.x or 10? 10 definitely.

I guess the big problem is, I just want 7 but newer. I don’t want all the new stuff (that I know of). To be fair, I’ve been a slow adopter of OS additions in that sense. For example, I didn’t switch from the 9x/2k style start menu to the XP style before Vista forced that on me. Maybe some day I will use Cortana, but I don’t think it’ll be any time soon.

I’ve got 10 on one system and not really impressed by it… Staying with 7 on my other systems.

I did the Windows 10 patch weekend :doh:

Broke a few things including dot net 4.6 stuff managed to sort in the end and i have a program that uses 4.6 grrr

also replaced some usb device drivers so was not impressed with the windows version when i had set to an alternative.

I still cannot get consistent connection to my Nikon Camera some days works others and more often than not mostly won’t show the camera as a device but that was with the 1st install of windows 10, perfect in windows 7 not an issue.

Yes won’t see my phone either.

Hates one of my USB to serial converters but managed to get around that by just installing an older version of the driver.

I already put software on to make it look more like windows 7 lol

It to me does feel quicker slicker than 7 but for me Windows 7 was less hassle to deal with it did what it said on the tin.

I’ll wait a bit longer before having a go with windows 10.

A friend of mine cannot get his printer to work over wireless since upgrading his laptop to Windows-10 and has offered beer if I can have a look.

Fairly soon he will have stocked up on some “Christmas beers”, probably from HERE, after possibly just one Insanely Bad Elf the consensus will probably be “Printer ? What Printer”

Maybe I’ll also drop it onto a VM an have a tinker to see what the look and feel is like, not an actual machine with stuff I want to keep, never gamble what you don’t want to drop into the recycle bin.

Another issue that occurred yesterday with a Windows 10 update. Got the message so just clicked OK as you do, but it seemed to take a while, rebooted itself and started what appeared to be a whole Win10 download which was a worry as I was on a company’s wifi at the time and it took an hour. Luckily it managed to complete and installed itself after a couple of reboots. The issue arose when I came to login. It would not recognise my password no matter how carefully I tried it. I couldn’t work out what was causing it, so as a last resort I brought up the on-screen keyboard and manually typed it in from there and hey presto, I was logged on. It turned out that it had changed regional settings back to US spec keyboard and the special character I have in that password was in a different location on the keyboard. Reset the regional settings once inside, but it should not have happened. Be aware,

Been running Win 10 x64 Ultimate on my machine since the free upgrade became available. I’ve gotten used to it, but the first few months were a bit of a pain - mainly locating where things had been relocated to. Now… I barely notice it. Everything is working (no driver issues, even with my wireless printer) and most importantly, F@H picked right up without a hitch in Win 10.