Windows 3.1

I have to hand back a company laptop tomorrow and was wondering if anybody knows where I could get an image of windows 3.1 on CD.

Just for a giggle when they turn it on to check it

You’re wicked you are :devil: :lol:

Did 3.1 come on a CD? :?

I have it on floppies somewhere.

used to be in a directory on one of my webby sites :wink: :devil:

Though that might have been plain old version 3 :hmm:

PMM has a scout around his HDD’s

Check your PM :wink:

Thanks Gents


Gave up and used win95 instead.

Looks clunky enough for me

I’ve still got a 3.1 laptop here. Until this month it was in regular use as well but I think I’ve finally rendered it obsolete.

Look for a copy of OS2 for fun;)

Why not be really cruel and install ME!!! :smiley:


Thats not funny, thats sick :smiley:

I never had any probs with the ‘Many Errors’s edition’.

Likewise - provided you were prepared to re-install at least once a year it worked pretty well in between for me :slight_smile:

Oh how they chuckled.

But they were most entertained by the fact that win95 knows sod all about power management so when I shut the lid and zipped it into its carry bag for the last time it stayed on.
End result 90 minutes later it was too hot to pick up when they went to check it back into stores.


lmao…must remember to do that !!

I never had a problem either… :cool: