Windows Automatic Updates greyed out

As above, I’ve just noticed on my machine at work that going into Automatic Updates in Control Panel, that the default is set to Turn Off Automatic Updates and they options are greyed out so you cannot change them. Anyone come across this before (possible malware issue)? It’s the same using the admin log on too, so it’s not a rights issue.

I’m assuming XP ?

have a gander at this…

Could be innocent but equally could be malware

Win 2K, but I guess if it is a policy issue the principle will be the same. I’ll check with the Systems Team as a first port of call. Cheers Paul.:cheers:

Will be a group policy setting m8

Yup, Policies’d be my guess too. Sometimes SysT’s need a prod to get them to roll out security updates, my experience. Bribing them with High Octane coffee and Jelly Beans often works. Just don’t install a Jelly Bean Dispenser. Makes 'em lazy…:smiley:

:lol: Cheers guys!! :smiley: