Windows Defender

The damn thing doesn’t want to update. I’ve tried this fix to no avail.

Any ideas?

Well there haven’t been any updates to the dfinetions since 26/04/2006 supposdely.

Just tried to download some now and nope…saying there’s no new ones.

Mine haven’t be updated since January and they don’t seem to want to either.

Do what I did. Uninstall the piece of c@rp :smiley:

Did it a while ago:thumbsup:

My definitions are 8/5/06

I have had problems - but uninstall followed by re-install seemed to cure it. It is Beta software, after all :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had no problems with mine yet, updates arrive through Windows Automatic Update (the service has to be running to get them).

Every time i start to install windows defender the install bar does not do anything. It stalls and eventually i try to close it and the computer crashes and i end up turning it off at the switch.
Do you know what may cause this?


Is your PC been verified by the windows verification thing?

I am not sure. How do i do that?

Did you download it straight from there site? IIRC it will have done it then.

If your installing off a USB key or something similiar it wont have been checked and will usually ask you to verify.

I still am unaware of what you mean. Spell it out for me…

When you download Direct X or Defender from Microsoft’s website, you have to verify that your copy of windows is genuine. If running IE it’ll have asked you to install some Active X component, if using firefox, youll have been asked to download some other file to get a code that tells microsoft your copy of Windows is guenine.

If you dont do this you cant download it. Or if you download on one computer (and then try to install it on another PC like I did) it’ll not let you until you go online and download it again verifiyng that PC is running a proper copy of Windows

just download it from here

should work fine, set auto update to off and do it manualy

I have had several updates… Including one yesterday…
It is important though to have your settings set to “join spynet with advance setting”
Works like a charm here, and has infromed me on even the smallest program changes.