Windows live messenger.

I recieved an email this morning.
and it says the windows live beta testing is over,
the finnished this is readdy for download please click here,
This seems a bit suss to me becuase windows usually just tell you when you open msn not via email,
Can anyone confirm for me if this is a hoax?

Didn’t live messenger go live a while ago?

I have it installed on my PC as Build 8.0.0792.00

Also recieved this message :flip:

I tried it out yesterday, was doing a reinstall and when i searched for latest version of msn it came up with live.
It looked pritty but it was showing half my contacts as offline (which i knew wasn’t true given that my other half was logged in)

Gave up after an hour or two and found version 7.5 after a bit more searching, installed it and everything was ok again.

Does anyone know if msn live is backwards compatable with people on older versions… i was yesterday a bad day to try it :confused:

It went live a while ago, I’m still running a beta version of messenger through, the one that allows you to contact users of Yahoo messenger, via Live.

it is compatable yes, I had exactly the same problem yesterday, I ended up disabling the firewall, it then picked up all the contacts corectly, re-enabling the firewall then allowed it to run normaly. This was under Vista BTW so it may have been to do with that.

Hmm, maybe i’ll try it again… when you hovered over the tray icon it did show a connection problem.

Ahh cheers
i wasnt sure in case it was a hoax and someone was trying to get me to DL somthing i diddnt want to,
But seeing as there is problems at the moment it looks like ill just stick with the beta verstion i have now.