Windows NT Sharing not available?

As above, I have a PC running NT SP4 I think, but in the user profile, when I right click on a folder to set it as a shared folder, the option is not there. When I go into the admin profile it is.

Any ideas on how to turn this on please?

How much control over the machine do you want your user to have?

Hi Mulda. I need to have a shared order folder set up on his desktop, so that it can be accessed over the network by a business manager.

You need to give that person rights to allow this…you could under ADMIN share this folder…and give rights to the person in question is the best way…but you need to be ADMIN to do this…

I’d tend to agree with Greg - log on as Admin and share the folder to cut the end user out of the loop so to speak.

If you want the user to be able to share folders (on a whim :)) then you could give that right to the account, but I’d advise against it.

OK guys. Thanks for your help :thumbsup: