Windows Security Resource

Seen a lot of posts about looking for security aps for windows, thought I would post a small one here. Anyone wishes to add to this and possibly make it a sticky be my guest :slight_smile:

Everyone basically needs one of these, here’s a few in no particular order.
1)Symantec Norton Anti-Virus (not free, but a solid A/V)
2)McAfee Anti-Virus (not free, but a solid A/V)
3)Grisoft AVG Anti-Virus (solid one, free version available)
4)Alwil Avast! Anti-Virus (very solid, free home version available)
5)Panda Anti-Virus (another solid A/V)

This is a must anymore, especially if you run broadband internet
1)Zonelabs Zone Alarm (Very good Firewall, free version available)
2)Norton Firewall (very basic firewall much like windows xp firewall)
3)McAfee Firewall (very basic firewall like Norton)

Trojan Scanners
Most anti-viruses scan for trojans, but there are some very sneaky ones needing a scanner designed for it. Only one I have to mention here, Moosoft’s The Cleaner (30 day free eval) run it once a week myself.

This is big worry anymore with quite a few offerings
1)Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware SE Personal or Pro (international) (US) (Europe) One of the top 3 available
2)Safer Networking’s Spybot Search and Destroy excellent free spyware remover loaded with features including a resident scanner, and can immunize Internet Explorer to keep spyware out, run alongside Ad-Aware and spyware is no worries :slight_smile:
3)Microsoft’s Anti-Spyware Beta (Formerly GIANT Anti-Spyware Beta not a big MS fan myself but have to give credit on this one, runs resident, immunizes IE, schedules daily or weekly scans, and keeps itself updated automatically, even has Internet Track Erasers, anti-browser hijacks, the works #1 on the list.

Combination Packages
1)Symantec’s Norton Internet Security (Anti-Virus, Firewall and couple others in one)
2)McAfee Internet Security (Anti-Virus, Firewall, and couple others)
3)Zonelabs Zone Alarm Pro with Anti-virus and spyware protection (Zonelabs’s excellent firewall package with pluged in anti-virus and spyware protection)

Browser Hijacks
This is also getting to be a real nuisance, yet there are programs to fix this
1)Hijackthis. can be found at . This is a registry scanner in truth, but it does detect browser hijacks this and a way to fix it.
2)MS Anti-Spyware Beta (see link above) can reset browser hijacks back to IE default, the ms website, then set IE back to what you had.

The windows registry is essential to it running, and many times after installing and removing applications, files, etc it starts getting fat, plus, a good cracker can hijack a computer, get into this database and really hose things up. Enter registry scanner/cleaners that help maintain a healthy registry.
1)V-Com’s Fix-it Utilities has an excellent registry mechanic app
2)PC-Tool’s Registry Mechanic is another excellent registry fixer
3)MaceCraft’s jv16 powertools this one has everything but the kitchen sink when comes to the windows registry including a scanner/cleaner, startup list, listing of installed software, an uninstall app, file and temporary file tool, etc a very solid app.

/edit Sygate error fixed, thanks there Droid

Nice little online App to help analize Hijackthis log files Here


Permanent File deletion. Okay, for you paranoid ones out there, this is a good utility. BestCrypt’s BCWipe 3 by Jetico, instead of deleting a file to the recycling bin and emptying the recyling bin, though the file was deleted it is still there and can be recovered. What BCWipe does is uses the US Dept of Defense Wiping Standard 5200 7 pass wipe out scheme, the first and last pass being a random Hex encoding, and be set up to do other standard wiping passes but can take a lot longer. BCWipe can also wipe all free space not used on the hard drive, encrypt the windows swap file, wipe the windows swap file, or even shred all data on the hard drive if you are giving it to another person. True it takes time to do a wipe of files/folders, especially the more you wipe in size, but this little app plugs into the windows right click contect menu and is a good alternative to just deleting a file.

Nice little app that Wolram and his power of google found, helped colossusx when he deleted spyware and couldn’t get connected to the internet afterwards.

Repairs Winsock 2 settings, caused by buggy or improperly-removed Internet software, that result in loss of Internet access.


Thats siupposed to be quiet good. Basically running a virtual machine.

Reckon it might be worth a try…I have a 30 day trial…I’ll use it and see what it’s like.

Good bit of software for backups…and its free :trophy:

can be called for security as in this day and age backups should always be done :wink:


Another free backup service that backup’s off site as well as on your PC is Buddy Backup

Free version gives a limit of 5Gb I believe. Great for students so they cant lose that important bit of work!

That looks much like Syncback as well bin. Good bit of software.

Anyone who has a program or App that they think is suitable for this list please post a link in the forum and pm me so it can be added to the list.