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What Im Not Sure About

I’m down to just the one heater in my office today, the NAS in the corner says its at 39’C and my desktop is moaning too

Core 0: +63.0°C (crit = +100.0°C)
Core 1: +62.0°C (crit = +100.0°C)

So what happened to Winter ?
Is that it ?
Have the Eco-Weenies been right all along and we now have global warming ?

Does anybody know when this will reach the garage ?

Locating sensor record…
Sensor ID : Ambient Temp (0x8)
Entity ID : 7.1
Sensor Type (Threshold) : Temperature
Sensor Reading : 8 (+/- 1) degrees C
Status : Lower Non-Critical

The BBC says it is 9’C but the pool is still frozen, typical BBC scaremongering dodging hard (and lumpy) facts


Well you got to 254 Characters OK.

Eco Weenies and snow flakes have not started to melt yet, they stay quiet during the winter months.
If they start spouting off about Global Warming during the Christmas / new year period we always end up with heaps of snow, so they stay quiet & hibernate during this season. Spoilsports… They have to ruin it for everyone.



Eco-Weenies do sometimes turn up, they caused ten minutes of disruption a while ago managing to alienate hundreds of people in the process, many of which were on buses I believe.

I doff my headgear to the BBC, the Garage stat agrees with the prediction.

Locating sensor record…
Sensor ID : Ambient Temp (0x8)
Entity ID : 7.1
Sensor Type (Threshold) : Temperature
Sensor Reading : 9 (+/- 1) degrees C
Status : Lower Non-Critical
Lower Non-Recoverable : na


the workshop was a lovely and warm 4degrees the other day.

Then the unit next door put on the central heating - they have amazing insulation #notreally

Within an hour, had doubled to 8degress and I could play darts without gloves!


If the partition wall has hotspots where a massive radiator is the other side you could experiment with some peltier cells and literally suck the heat through the wall like one of those ground source heating systems.

TFW Labs : Finding solutions nobody needed for longer than average.


way to inefficient using peltiers more energy in than heat out. heatpumps compressors more the way people even suck out heat from cold rivers and get toasty heat out the rad. as the refrigerant amplifies the effect. :slight_smile:


A rack of bitcoin machines should take the chill off, go with plan B


Or Etherium.



Anyone in TPR doing Etherium or Bitcoin these days ?
I’m still running Etherium, with 2 rigs on it 24-7.



still have a rig, single card doing a little, nothing like what I did have though