Wireless Keyboard

I’m in need of some info and a recommendation.

I was trying not to say much, but I have pretty much been bed ridden for awhile now and not getting much done. Some other stupid body failures.

So Mandy thought maybe a 32 inch on the wall and a wireless keyboard may help.

So a few things.
Do they make one with a built in track ball, and can you still use the hardwired keyboard also.
Any downsides to wireless performance on keyboard.
And an recommendation…

Hoping it does not come to that… but if so any info would be appreciated.

prime candidate for a laptop imo.


Thought that… but not sure if one could handle all the Video and Graphic production / editing programs I use.
Is there on that could handle all that?
That and price concern. Donations are way down, but we know why…

You should not have an issue with multiple keyboards /mice wired&wireless

Done that in the past no issues when training people… no guarantees though but as said been there done that no issue at the time.

There are trackball keyboards you should not have an issue getting one, there about £30 here in UK so should be less than than in $.

Basically just the same as this but obviously not at that rip off price.

my laptop is able to run crysis and anything else i throw at it… dell xps1530… not the cheepest option but yea i will get my coat

my Dell laptop just has the stock graphics card in - whatever that is and I’m using PaintShopPro happily with Dreamweaver and the odd game of c&c3 :smiley:

Based on me raving about it, a friend just brought the same model although lower spec for just over £500. He’s reported having to turn down some eye candy in WorldOfWarcraft compared to the MacBookPro but he’s still happy for £500 :slight_smile:


I use the following in my RV…32" LCD , Wireless Logitech Keybrd, Mouse Combo. I have a 3’ x 18" board with a cloth soybean filled bag stapled on it (it took maybe 5 minutes to make. I can then use the lap top tool to support all my stuff, and sit in bed to work (WINK) when I’m at the get away. I would use 3/4" A/D ply wood, and have at it…I used two large coffee cans of beans to make the bag area…Works great!

On the Keybrd, and mouse I used BLUE TOOTH but any should work fine!

I have one of these,


awesome, biggest thing to look for is the wireless standard, the 2.4 ghz gives the range you might require.

I have one of these for my Media Center PC and it is very good:


Got it delivered for less than £25 too.

Thanks for all the info… Now to discuss all with the other half. Hmm a new laptop, gee I would have to put out a lot for that (not cash). and I’m tired, may need some backup here. LOL
Wireless sound like the way though. Rules are if it is for site use it has to come from SFL funds. Let you know, Again thanks.