Wireless music anyone>

SlimDevices have just released their wireless MP3 player. It has Optical and Coaxial digital out for connection to your AV system. A review in The Register here

I was going to get a SqueezeBox, but it’s a bit on the expensive side. I opted for the Netgear MP101 (~£100) - the display isn’t as nice but it’s wireless MP3s, so that’s okay :slight_smile:

Oh - and no Optical, but it wasn’t for my main room anyway.

Took delivery of the mp101 the other week.
Wanted the create labs wireless one, but they dont do them across here.
The Create Labs looked better due to the LCD on the remote - thus hiding the base station completely.
Never mind - the LCD on the netgear is OK and can read ok from the other side of the room.

And as part of tidying up the MP3 collection, Tag and Rename from SoftPointer is great for putting in the correct tags, consistant filenames, generating playlists. CDDB integration means I dont have to rename all those mp3s we share to my own preferred naming scheme.
<click><click> - sorted :wink:

Saw this thread lurking on a “related topics” and decided to bump it out of curiosity.

At the moment I have ripped many CD’s to a NAS drive and play them across gigabit wired networking at home, what is everybody else doing ?
Are you all using iPods/Spotify these days ?

Same really. Got mine on a backup Seagate 2tb jobby so I can plug it in anywhere, but also play it over the powerline adapter network to another PC if I can’t be arsed to swap it about :slight_smile:

cupboard full of cds in the front room, pretty much mirrored on Spotify playlists

Lots of MP3 stuff on a drive, hooked up to the hifi with a volume control that only needs to be around the 50% mark to ensure both myself and the neighbours can hear it, no need for extra speakers throughout the house - wireless headphones if I want to listen privately*

*means she’s watching soaps etc :wink:

I’ve plugged in a Logitech Bluetooth receiver to our kitchen stereo aux, can now stream to it from phone, table and laptop.