With Lifemapper ending

What project will you horrible lot be changing over to ?

Us at the Dingy Damproom are looking at a couple of dc project but the majority of us wont touch anything BOINC, so we are limited ! any ideas peeps ?

What’s wrong with BOINC Dez?

I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with it, but some of our team members have concerns about its security.

Can Boinc be run hidden as a service so as not to bother the computer’s owner in any way? I have several friends who have Lifemapper on their machines. They agreed as I told them it would be totally invisible them and not affect any other program. One advantage, when a laptop is on battery I can have Lifemapper not run so the processer can slow down. At least this can be done on Thinkpads.

yep u can run boinc as a service, just do boinc_cli.exe -install from a command line and start the service. Be sure to set the log on details to local system account mind…