yippeee snowing here :smiley: partner says we don’t get snow here very often but it’s coming down thick and fast here . Had hail stones the size of ping pong balls here today as well :slight_smile:

No different here in Staffordshire :wink: very strange day though

1st Time I’ve ever driven home in the snow while experiencing lightening and thunder at the same time :confused:

We’ve had sun, snow, sun, snow, hail, sun, rain, sun, snow, hail, rain. In that order :p.

We had about 5 mins of very small hailstones and that was it :frowning: Really boring…

wot !!! no high winds ?? :lol:

High winds, Freak Snowstorm earlier and more hit us in Moreton in Marsh today…

Luckyily inside for most of it…Though tomorrow we get smoke filled rooms to play with :smiley:

We had that plus high winds yesterday :rolleyes: Had the high winds for last 3 days now and it’s bloody freezing!

I just had hail in the morning and by the afternoon I didn’t need a coat it was that warm.

same for me but miss the sun out:(