Woops need urgant help please.

I have fluffed up a little,
my website has php nuke on it,
and i was having some trouble with the forums colours conflicting with the phpnuke style.
so i changed the php nuke style and everything went white.
i tried to rename a working file to that of the broken one and i still get nothing.
can i roll this back?

Ok i got it fixed…i renamed another working file like i tried before and it worked…
lucky i guess.

Try downloading XAMPP.

It creates a workable server environment on your PC you can then create a copy of the PHP Nuke, mess with it offline on your PC until you get it hwo you want.

It even comes in a portable form from PortableApps.com so you don’t even have to install it.

ahh brill cheers m8 :slight_smile:

ive done alot of work to it so far.
tell me what you think.


Only slight problem I could see is the size of your copyright just for the banner…

it looks to be the same size as the other text in the banner… bit too big imo!

Great site tho :slight_smile:

yeh ill be sorting out the logo at a later date i just shoved it up to get rid of the php nuke one.

there is a reviews section though and you can write a review about a game or somthing else.
problem is you can write it normally and preview it before you post and all looks good.
tne you take a look afterwards and its all in code…

like this

any ideas?