We get a new pump for the irrigation system at work,
my boss says program the computer to start watering the plants at 6am for 10 minuites and again at 8pm for 10 minuites.
i get a phone call from a collegue at work about 5 minuites ago saying the system started up at 8 oclock and had to be manually shut down as it was still running.
so now there is a very good possiblity that Half a million pounds of stock is now destroyed.

oh well maybe he will pay me next time…

Shucks, that doesn’t sound good:(

On the other hand he now has another excuse not to pay you, thats a load of money there…

that cant be good, hope you get some good out of it

He refuses to fire me,
he says i am a valuable asset to the company and i say that 100% truthfully.
I diddnt soak the stock on pourpose like it looks like that in the beginning of the thread.

but i still havent had a full wage,
but nvm.
i still cant get the system working right,
anyone ever worked with Hunter ICC Irrigation systems before?

Answer = no but…

Anyhelp ? http://www.duralirrigation.com.au/uploads/documents/HunterICCmanual1.pdf

thats the same manual i have been reading that i got from work,
I think i know where i went wrong,
it says in the manual that i only need to setup program A and station 1 that will then run all the stations sequncially or somthing like that.
and then once its done the watering cycle it will shut off.
what i have been doing is setting each individual station to start at 6 so in effect i am telling it to watter each bay for 10 minuites 12x.
so yeh woops…
ill reprogram that later :stuck_out_tongue: