Woot I got netflix to work with ubuntu 12.10

So I have been upset (As of late) with the condescending attitude of (most) Linux users. It is my opinion that if they wish the OS (regardless of designation) to be more universally used instead of the standard fair I.E. MS or Mac. They should at least try to make thing a little easier to understand for the general public. To this end I found a web page that allowed me to get netflix using ubuntu 12.10. They say that it will not work on most earlier versions do to slightly older program parameters. So this is how I got Ubuntu to work to get netflix.

  1. Download Wine and get all updates (they did not tell this on the Web page) thus my above tirade.

  2. Open a terminal, then run these commands.

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ehoover/compholio <enter>
This will prompt for your password.

sudo apt-get update <enter>
this will down load a whole lotta code.

sudo apt-get install netflix-desktop <enter>

Once installed, go up to thetop left of your screen and open your unity dash and search for Netflix and run the app. It will run everything needed on the first run. after logging into your netflix account and selecting a video to play.
silverlight should ask you to enable DRM content (I was not asked, go figure)
Please enable; Netflix should work fine.

The original web page is http://www.iheartubuntu.com/2012/11/...sktop-app.html

I hope this makes people a little happier.

nice :thumbsup: