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As title :funknana:

The work is landing at my feet nicely :Plot:

Mighty shame that I have to use “boinc” remote access software to gain access to the network of offices I have to support :chuckle: :sneaky:

Now all I need is a good business name :chin: Working titles such as “The drunk bloke who fixes pc’s”, “Spam PC”, “DoubleTop computer services”, “PhoenixComputerServices” and all those with networking in as well. Only problem I have now is getting to see someone to get advice on how to run, first appointment is 14thJan, I hope to be working by then !!!

Just nailed two to start in February, with initial work required on the network/systems before I will accept supporting them, basically run every stress test I can on the machines before accepting support :chuckle: (d2ol or boinc)

Things going well so far, and its only the first day of contacting people !!!



need advice on how to run? planning on making a quick get away… :stuck_out_tongue:

i’d go with the first option “The drunk bloke who fixes pc’s”, suits you to a tee

but seriously, best of luck with it hope it all takes off


How about “DTC Systems” for Double Top Crunchers :lol:

That is great news m8, hope you make a go of it. One realm to look at is the conversion of the small office to LINUX/SAMABA based services, You can give them a checklist of the Pros and Cons. The big advantage is you can then offer remote management services easily. with a VPN or SSH, You don’t have to pay Bill’s huge licensing fees too.

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I really like DTC Systems :smiley: :thumbsup: :lol:

The small offices I have got the contracts for all use simple peer2peer at the moment with no server, just a router :s
First plan is to go show the need for the server and backup etc etc, show them the dell/hp pre-config servers, then show them a “DTC” system with linux :wink: :slight_smile: As you say, remote management becomes a doddle.



yep once you get there it is a simple step to get them up to a central firewall, proxy server with filters, there own web server and mail server with spam filters, and the list goes on and on. … Make sure you sell them the upside of central backup, mirror disks, all the goodies a “real” server gets them. At that point it starts to become a revenue stream instead of a check every once in a while. The next step is to get them on a contract for so much a year up to X number of hours, Once it all runs smoothly you can get income for no real work.

One neat thing you can do is setup a central syslog server via shh tunnel via the internet and monitor the servers in near real time for a “fee” . Make it reasonable and it will save you a ton of work in the long haul and may prevent those odd hour call outs.


I was in the local PC store about a month ago, a guy came in with a PC that was infected, the local store charge him $69 just to look at the box and then it was $75 an hour to clean up the mess.

My neighbor called the mobile guys out to his house to work on the family PC and it cost hime $150 for 2 hours.