word form and calculating dates

guy’s, please help, I know someone out there will know.

I have a form I’m creating, I have 2 fields that you put dates in, I want to calculate and then display on the form the days between the two dates and the percentage of the year between the two dates

the two dates go into fields with bookmarks of d and f, so the first formula becomes


or so you’d think, I do this for dates a month apart and I get a result of 1 or zero, it seems to just be calculating days,

It’s driving me mad, can someone please point me in the right direction.

You may need to change the date fields to Julian, then convert answer back to standard format.

Hey Step, cheers for that, I continued to struggle so ended up just dropping into VBA and doing it from there, datediff did the trick and that also made some other stuff I had to do on the form easier.

Thanks again