Word Layout

I’m trying to mimic this layout in word but cant for the life of me figure it out!

I want the section I’m working in to appear in the top right and I would like that bar there as well - however it’s not a paragraph border and it doesn’t appear to be a page border…

Any ideas?

header/footer info ?

I cant see the header and footer from that doc - thats a screenshot from a PDF.

However Office 2007 does let me add the line - the next problem arises in that he only has that line and reference on pages that don’t have the start of a chapter/section

EDIT - as an aside, it maybe the Chapter field I’m after…

How about this for a starter Chris? Sort of thing you want?


Thats pretty much ideal Andy, thanks.

Was that typed in? - If it is, that could be a pain lol as I was looking to do it for my thesis (which at the minute is an undertimined number of pages but has to be about 80,000 :s)

:eek: :chuckle: I see what you mean, but you can save each thesis section (3.4 etc.) as a separate Word doc and then add the Insert Text option of “Page XofY” into the footer as in this.

I meant 80,000 words lol not pages :eek:

My current plan is to type the chapters separate then add them into a master document (using Word’s master/sub document). Which sorts all the page numbers out which I’ve done via sections.

Mind on a thesis, it pays to get it right, so doing it by hand shouldn’t be a major pain!

No wonder I cant get this on Word :rolleyes:

The thesis was written up in LaTeX, hence my inability to copy it. Now to found out the LaTeX package used!