Word of the day

I learned something new today and it is summed up by the word “Pyrophoric”

This came about from watching a bigclivedotcom video which investigates the contents of some common NiMh batteries as used in solar lights.
These batteries are in everything but even fully discharged, these batteries are a fire risk as the contents will spontaneously ignite when exposed to air!
Just to keep you on your toes it seems to take a little while to reach the red-hot and on fire stage.

Fast forward to 16 minutes to hear mild panic and see the use of the “explosion containment pie dish”

my new favourite phrase !!

I know understand why BigClive got a bit twitchy when there was unexpected combustion on the bench.

Reference video

Having a beard that qualifies entry to the ZZ-Top stunt double register is HIGHLY incompatible with having your work bench teetering towards thermal runaway just under your nose.