Work has started on the next spudder

The next Spud gun is in process of being built :slight_smile:

Not ideal with the materials I have but this one should work, decided rather
than replace the ignitor on the last one to re-build from scratch.

Might have a TFWitt style exploding end cap though… :wink:

But found a doozy of one on the web :smiley:

thats just mental!

Wowser. Love the transparent combustion chamber :slight_smile:

Bet that’s amazing when it fire’s…

Just given mine a bit of a paint job 1st stage… now to work on the firing mechanisem
multiple sparks are men’t to be better… need some copper nail’s I think time to hunt
through the supplies :slight_smile:

Copper Nails ?? Do they fly better then :smiley:

:smiley: feek… if the neighbours were not awake a few mins ago they are now

Just did a test fire unloaded… might have overgassed it :smiley:

My god what a crack/pop of noise… I’m still shaking myself

Last spudgun made a lower sound and nice virbration sound unloaded… this made one
quick pop… I think I broke the sound barrier on this test lol :chuckle: