work in IT are your days like this

now that im in my second IT job i am starting to see a patern forming.

1 day i will be soooo rushed off my feet i dont have time to eat or smoke or anything.

other days i seem to have such a small amount of work the seconds last for hours…

now do you lot have the same problem?

Always one or the other… today more mundane…

Would rather the go quick and do lots days… but meh take the easy days too more time for R&D then :slight_smile:

whats your job then Wyntre ?

have the same prob. wyntrblue, some days are more than full of work that I have to work overtime and the other days I’m just talk with my colleague and spam my whole time, so you’re not alone :smiley:

im an infrustructure support engineer, mostly i deal with new builds, problem solving, service and repair of clients and servers. i kinda do a bit of everything

Never a dull day, that faster we go the behinder we get.

Not enough time or man power for the fix it calls never mind the maintenance or upgrade stuff.

For the most part, I think it’s a full-tilt day with hardly time to pop off to the bathroom. Seems like I’m constantly working overtime if only by an hour or two, but my wife hates any overtime. Then a couple of days in a month may be so slow that I can literally do nothing all day, take four breaks, a 1.5 hour lunch and nobody would notice a difference.