Mornining all… :stuck_out_tongue:
I get a phone call yesterday from my m8 saying that im working today at 11:00.
i get a phone call this morning from the people we work at 8:15 this morning asking if we can go in for 9 can i get hold of my m8… no…
best get running:p

Get off the internet and off to work slacker! :stuck_out_tongue:

At least I’ve got a 5 minute walk to Uni :stuck_out_tongue:

Well that was alright :slight_smile: nice relaxed job got the same all day tomorrow.
Also the guy in charge is taking down my name for a full time job :).
the manager and the wearhouse manager are english aswell so i can speak to someone and understand them for once :slight_smile:
So in the words of my londener gaffer Cushty cushty :smiley: