Workgroup Windows Calender....

Hey, Im looking for a windows calender that multiple users can login to and edit…

Would like to run it on a windows box… doesnt matter if it needs Windows Server 2k3…

any suggestions…

hoping for free software rather than pay for software ofc :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile:

what about using a cloud service like google?

I think generally using google is out… where trying very hard not to use it here for some reason… I like it but its over my head…

Ive found sharepoint has what im looking for… but I want to run it on a server 2k3 box that isnt doing AD…

so now im looking at the permissions side of things :slight_smile:

Exchange Server maybe, I also remember a smaller version that uses OUTLOOK together with a small server side engine for handling the PST files, and merger.

This is cheaper then exchange server -

Hope this helps!

Zimbra ?


vBulletin :smiley:

I’d be surprised if Windows Sharepoint Services (not the full blown Office Sharepoint Server) needs and active directory?

/update :

Only needs active directory if your going to deploy in a farm.