World Snooker Championship

Would Mark Selby be a deserving winner? … I think not.
He utilises in my humble oppinion some ungentlemanly tactics ( though effective)

just my 2p

Through out the tournament he has been probably the best most consistent player, break builder, safety…etc, if you mean the snookers and taking time over shots he has broken no rules so if he wins he wins and after coming back from 12 - 4 down he would deserve to win and good luck to him.

my 2p :wink: :smiley:

Actualy i mean he’s plays wery slow, and delibaratly? so, just to fase his opponents. Ahh well it 16-13 now, btw can you tell im a Higgins fan? :wink:

Just a bit m8…:smiley: