WS008 is off awaiting the man from parcel2go to place it in it’s new home. Deserves a fine mention for the 66 units it did on Folding for me, and the way it crunched with never a problem since it’s build.

My Folding output will be dropping, I run Diskless folders and Boinc on machines with disk, with a couple of execptions. Said elsewhere, summer prep means going down from 8 nodes to 4 due to heat issues. Whether this will be a turn off or sell depends on many things, one of them a possible house move.

Thank you WS008 for your units :smiley: :cuckoo: :trophy: :clap:



Not a very imagintive name really is it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Mind I guess Drezha, drezha-laptop, media center aren’t exactly imginative name either! :chuckle:

May it rust in pieces:p

Just kidding, hope you found a good home for it:wiggle:

It already has a home all sorted :smiley: where it will continue crunching as a condition of terms of sale :chuckle: