WTD: cheap as poss lappy

We have a lappy here that’s sole purpose in life is to run VNC to connect to the main PC’s. Due to toddlers it’s had a bit of a hard life :smiley:

Atm, it’s got a cracked case, virtually no battery life, and no hard disk due to being dropped (running ubuntu livecd atm) - all of this is not a problem but recently the keyboard has started playing up too :whiteflag:

So we’re after a replacement. All it really needs is a working screen (pref 1024x768 and not “widescreen”), keyboard, and either a hdd or cdrom drive. Strictly speaking it doesn’t even need wireless as long as there’s a wired network port.

Spec totally not important, it just needs to be able to boot, run an O/S and VNC :smiley:

Very limited budget - so where would I pick up something like this dirt cheap apart from fleabay ?

Cheers :slight_smile:

What sort of budget you looking at Spaceboy?

No idea if £100 is too much ?

this one here looks rugged enough :lol:

This any good?

I’ve had one brand new bargain and one refurbished thats played up so I’m hesitant to give a full recommendation but it has 90 days warranty and its £69.

That’s definately the sort of thing I’m after TFW :slight_smile: cheers :thumbsup: