WTF: WinXP Gone Crazy!!!

Can anyone explain this problem my friend had when he booted his laptop and found that all background services were actually trying to open as GUI applications… and placed themselves in task bar…

and if that wasn’t weird enuff
there is a weird new symbol in the bottom corner that looks like a battery with a keyboard attached…
[Image Removed]
we think its ment to be in the software that displays what volume your sound it at when u change it with function keys on the lappy keyboard. but both of us have never seen that perticular symbol before??

[Image Removed]

just wonderd if anyone else knew what Did it or what the symbol was…

we have ruled out virus/spy/malware by scanning the computer a few times
and even tho the problem only happaned that 1 time, we just wanted to know if its a common thing or not? especally abuot all the services all trying to show up

Battery power low warning? Possibly the system is low on resources (you do have a lot of windows open) :smiley:

battery power low is diffrent…

it could be low res, but there is nothing running which isn’t running normally, except that they are all visible on the task bar rather than hidden. like i said before they are all background services, all normal ones… nothing espeically outragous or anything…

those functions that give OSD are normally a two key press on the keyb, check the keyb for stuck keys.


my thoughts also … I once had the “shift” key stuck down

that scared me half to death, I thought it was well borked :wink: