XCEL Spread sheets

I am trying to determine if you can get the system to automatically enter a date in a designated cell when you update that line/row

This probably won’t help you, but the little known keyboard shortcut for a
static date in EXCEL is “control-semicolon”.

Good luck on your real quest.

Do you mean today’s date or a specific date?

If today, then Tom is right You can also enter as a formula in a cell:


This will change as time passes

I think maybe your asking if say Cell A1 as a value entered you wish Cell B1 to have the date entered, correct? If so:

In B1 enter: =If(A1 <> “”,TODAY(),"")

He is looking for something which will update the date cell with the date when any other cell in that row or column is updated, i.e. changed and not just containing something.

Its an interesting question, but unfortunately I don’t have an interesting answer.

am I right in remembering that there is a onchange event in the scripting in Excel. I got asked to do a similiar worksheet ages ago and I seem to recall using that.

I think I had a click event on the sheet with an if cell.selected = inrow then I put the contents into memory and made on an change event as the one in Excel at the time was not reliable. Then was a case of new click event making the check between memory and now what was in cell and updating the target as needed. I remember for sure that it was a real pain in the bum.

Coming back to me … my challenge was for someone using Excel for recording info. Say bank transactions, making the date auto enter when entering a transaction amount (example - I can’t give specifics on what the sheet did do - I’d have to kill you :wink: )


=IF(A1:A10 <> “”,TODAY(),"") This will do anything in a row/column Range

How about, for example:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
   If Target.Row >= 1 And Target.Row <= 10 And Target.Column <> 1 Then
    Range("A" & Target.Row) = Now()
   End If
End Sub