xp raid5 extending

I’ve got xp doing software raid-5 across 5 disks…

I’ve got another disk I’d like to grow the raid-5 volume on to.

can it be done?

I’ve tried diskpart.exe

  • select volume 1 (the raid-5 vol)
  • extend size=75000 disk=1
    and it says I’ve selected a volume that can’t be extended :frowning:

I’ve had a quick look at partition magic but I don’t think it works at a volume level - am I wrong ?

Also… if I’ve got say 80gig free on my c-drive, is there a way to take that 80gig and assign it to a new partition without destroying all the data on the c drive (currently a single 300g partition)

cheers :wink:

the later should be really easy with a partition manager tool, just defrag the disk, then shrink the volume, create new partition

as to growing an xp raid 5 array… did you try it in safe mode cli only? coz from what i have read it will allways fail if fully booted into windows but be warned you may lose all your data if its not backed up elsewhere and it doesnt work

not tried safe mode yet as I’m trying things via vnc from work atm :smiley:

good news about the resizing of c-drive though :slight_smile:

got it all sorted in the end with some partition resizing etc etc.

for those that want to know what I was aiming for, see the attached :smiley:

it may not be pretty, but it works :thumbsup: