Yay I'm in Land Rover Experience

In the Abingdon 4x4 report :slight_smile: Best looking 110? Nope. Best off-road performance by someone who hadn’t owned the car for 24 hours? Nope.

Fat bloke eating a burger in a red shirt on page 42? Yep that’s me :trophy: And TFW is sat opposite me also munching away on mechanically reclaimed fillet steak :chuckle:

most cool - I take it this was from your first day out with the 110?

Have you a scanner to post the piccie or shall I take a trip to WHSmith at lunch :slight_smile:


Will try to scan it but its only a small piccie - will have a look soonest.

Hmmmmmmm BURGERS!

OK crap picture sorry but it is only a small original and my scanner will only allow 600dpi with descreening.

Me in red shirt, TFW opposite

Suprise find on Youtube too

Can you tell who’s driving m8?