Its good to see the folding numbers on the up.

We WERE due to be stomped by team Rotary Domination on Friday afternoon but they are still behind us.

Cracking work Grommit, have a slice of Wensleydale

Fingers crossed they keep going up :smiley:

Thing I’ll stick with Folding for a good while now :slight_smile:

There’s something so simple about it that makes it worth running :slight_smile:

yes…YES!! Fold on my TPR friends! Its very worthwhile AND easy to use…

even if we stop Rotary Domination’s climb, Beefysworld.com Forums is set to overtake both teams unless we can pull better than 122,466 points per week…

that would be cool!

FYI the team that overtook us and dropped us to 96 (klfteam1) is producing 266,518 points per week… impressive for 3 folders… must have some big farms or a company thats not too bright.

14hours ish til Rotary finally get us :frowning:

I spy with my little eye a skt754 bundle on Ebuyer :slight_smile: out comes the credit card :chuckle:



People, Talk to me… Ive got one pc running folding and its only runing folding it gets turned on when my old man looks at ebay.

So Ill put this folding on an athlon xp 2000+ at some point tonite. but how? I mean I do the command line jobby because it seems the gui would take a bit f cpu… if I install as a service then restart…if I check will it be in the task manager ?

how will I know how its doing ?
how often do units take to do ?

Can anyone say Noob ?



noob :stuck_out_tongue:

You did ask :wink:

Download the client. (No fuss one) Version is 5.04 is fine even though it says beta, it works fine.

Download that, put it where you want it to run from…somethiing like C:\Program Files\Folding is usually good.

Run it, type in the details (you will need to change the advanced options to get it run all the time)

A restrat isn’t needed I believe you can keep that window open but probably best to close the window then goto Control panel > Admin > Services and start it from there. :slight_smile: (Or restart)

And yes it’ll appear in the task manager.
Service will run even if others are logged on or the PC is on the welcome screen.

Use this to monitor the clinet. Wonderful little proggy…If your a stats whore like me, it’s great as it saves the WU data you’ve done and can save it to HTML…


If you download the 3rd one down on http://folding.stanford.edu/download.html (download to where you want it to run from) the go through the questions on the console (team number is 315 incase you didn’t know ;)), choosing yes to run as a service I believe, then when you reboot it should show up as F@Hconsole and F@Hcore(with number) in task manager, and that’s basically it afaik :slight_smile:

As for how long units take, I’ll have to pass on that one :lol: You can check that it’s running ok etc in your F@H log or of course in the news that Curly produces, as well as here but with your own username of course…unless you wanna help me overtake Drezha :smiley:

/edit: damn beaten by Drezha :lol:

You know I’ll only be beating you with this post…:chuckle:
Folding is conspiraing against me!
149 points taking 60 hours on my duron? :frowning:

Oh and units are varied bin. Depends on what you get. Not sure if it’s worth adding the -advmethods flag or not…

You already have an account bin.

Make sure it’s Binlala and it’ll add to what you already have.
http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/user_list.php?s=&t=315 (your 62…Just been stomped by me, hids and Slim)

/me starts the shopping list for new office and job :devil:

Teraserve R445HS-2U with 8 cores and 8Gb ram seems like a good buy :chuckle:


You can see the cpu usage in the task manager, plus you can open the fahlog.txt file at any point to see progress.

Download a 3rd party monitoring application like the one in my sig, or use any number of them available here. FahMon is another good one.

Hmm… between 12 hours and 2 weeks… but I would say between 18-48hours on average on a 2.4Ghz running 24/7. Remember that anything else you run is going to take cycles away from fah. Like you said the GUI version of the program does take some CPU cycles from the core, but only if you leave it open full-screen or use it as a screensaver. If you keep it closed and use the 3rd party monitors, it won’t disrupt your cpu usage.

14hours has gone back up to over a day before they catch - not much more needed before Rotary Domination can stay behind us on a more regular basis :smiley:

Come on then - use every trick in the book get them machines Folding :funknana:


Thats an excellent flash animation DT :slight_smile:


Yep it is :agree:

Posted and stickied on n00bless.com :smiley:

overtake date now close to 3days, at this rate the Beefysworld will get us before Rotary Domination :slight_smile: