i’ve finally found a good avator.

If someone else out there is also very happy because something like this has happened please feel free to reply and tell the forum about it :slight_smile:

Im happy because I won a telly nearly 2-3years ago…still cant get over it :slight_smile:

I’m happy because I found out Jack Daniels comes in 1 litre bottles;)

Happy today for many reason’s…

A. I bought Wendy House tickets today so know I’m in on Saturday.
B. Coach to Sheffield was ALOT cheaper than expected :smiley:
C. um…gotta be more stuff here…:stuck_out_tongue:

My Mum’s other half can pick up 1 litre bottles of JD for £10 on the continent (Europe)… he’s a security driver and gets some real good duty free deals :wink: I really like the guy :thumbsup:

WOW, even converted to SA Rands that’s a pretty good price, we pay that for a 750ml.

Isn’t that called bootlegging though;):nono:

i’m happy again because i got some answers to this thead!:):):)ect

still happy:):):):):):slight_smile:

nope its called saving :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: