You Beauty !!! YAY 500K Folding

:woot: :funknana: :trophy: :woot:

Ticked over on the stats update :woot:

as a team we got stomped though :frowning: a sting in the tail really, and our next conquest is over 2 months away :cry:

Come on you Folders - we need to stay in top100 :bondage:


Exellent crunching DT :slight_smile:

Congrats DT! :slight_smile:

Not sure whether to move one rig to Folding except that I have a CPDN model I want to finish on both my main and media center…:frowning: and they’ll take a good while :frowning:

Nice work man. Just got 10,000 myself… another 30 years and i’ll be right there with you!

Well done DT :funknana:

Good work DT :woot:

Conga Rats DT

Well done, DT :thumbsup:

Every rig I own or manage is running Folding 100% so, unfortunately, I cannot give any more :frowning:

Top Folding DT :thumbsup:


:clap: Great result DT, well done.

Oh that the spring shall bring big numbers to those with the mega machines! Excellent work friend…but that electric bill…ouch…LOL!

Just goof’n on yea sir DT of the programming fellowship…

Nice work DT :thumbsup:

Congratts to that man:thumbsup: I guess I’m going down to 4th spot soon:(

you’ve been :stomp: Jugster - thanks for cleaning up the place, a double whammy today as I get the top spot back from Mulda for 7 day average as well :smiley: