you know when your working for a good company when...

your boss wonders into the office at 3:30pm saying “morning all” just makes you relise how good you have it. i have to say since i started this job i have been made to feel like part of the group. i have been included in projects and generaly made to feel welcome and needed.

its a great feeling compaired to the unemployed bumness there was, and the last job where i was looked down on for having IT skills…

so in essence i just love my job

It is a nice feeling to be appreciated and made a part of a team. :nod:

Its good to have someone saying that. I’ve nearly always loved my work too.

How can anyone look down on us for having IT skills? We are the sorcerers!

your wrong were not sorcerers, were the people who get the blame :wink:

But sir its beyond repair… i dont care you know your IT wizardry you make it work… but sir it has been ran over by a steam roller… i dont care make it work or dont get paid.

i do want to start working again.
espesh if its somthing in I.T.

I only have the one boss, and she makes me nice cakes every so often and buys me ale :smiley:


I love where I work too… theres two of us network manager and me the tech :slight_smile:

have a gud laugh and a good sense of humor…:lol: and everything goes swimingly:)

When I worked for Tivoli they would have a beer thirty every Friday afternoon.

Th unoffical company slogan was:
It’s a drinking company with a software problem