You’re all Old

I didn’t have to try and grow a beard, nature just did its thing and you then have only the one chin!

Conference calls with no video were a blessing.
But the Robinson Crusoe look had to go when I went virtual job hunting.

There are no photos of the beard, none!

I guess I’m still younger than most of you, even if I feel old you’re all older. :sweat_smile:

Yea but we are all better looking :joy:

And more interlig . . intilagen . . initelig . . cleverer

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Was @ work all throughout lockdown and had to talk to the rest of the company on some shit chat thing so i envy you…well sort of hehe :wink: so quite on the roads tho :thinking:

god how did i get so old!!!???

I’m another that’s joined the retired ranks, retired at 59.5… Thanks to the pandemic I managed to carry over virtually a full years worth of annual leave and ended up with a 3 month holiday to finish my working career. Pensions kicking in really screwed up my income tax as all the first payments sent to me were sent without deducting tax… Hopefully in April my tax affairs will settle down and my pension income will go up quite significantly…

Haven’t quite turned into a grumpy old man yet!!!

Beard and ponytail… Yep, had a ponytail for 20+ years and currently sporting a winter chin-warmer!!!

Banana !!!

:bananawave: :banana: :bananawave: :banana: :bananawave: :banana: :banana:

I had long catch up with a friend yesterday, not actually met up for far too long.

There is a saying "He who dies with the most toys wins"

The toys do not count if they are still in their boxes.

Time to shake off the apathy of the Covid years and start breaking out the toys!

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haha - love it

gulty as charged but I still only look about 30-ish :wink: :smiley:

I see a trend …

I think we’ve all got older at the same rate!


I can’t ride a Harley, I’m heterosexual, so it rules that out.



I had developed the art of ‘falling’ off my zimmer frame because all the young ladies would rush over and touch me while asking where it hurts, which was nice.
I’ve stopped that now though, in this day and age everyone ignores me except for the gestapo type in a uniform that hands me a £25 fine for littering the pavement :unamused:

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