You’re all Old

Judge checking in :joy:

Guilty as charged - but here’s the odd thing, I think you aged at the same rate as me since your last post :joy: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue:

what you up to after all this time?


Speak for yourself!

Divorced, Work for a iso 27001 company and perform onprem to 365 cloud migrations

Think I won one of you at the fair once :joy:


They’re usually blue!

damn that cloud stuff - less crunching to be done on those, although most crunchers went to miners and now have gone to hide in a hole as they watch the value go down …


did someone mention old? waves

69 in a couple of months . . . age you dirty minded lot, it’s just a number now, nothing to get excited over

54 :joy: still feel 21

I still feel 18 . . . and act 7 :stuck_out_tongue:

my knees says otherwise :smiley:


I remember this from years ago . . it was renamed wolram back in the day

Think I am getting fitter with age

Lots of cycling with my Bestie

Guilty :crazy_face:

Hi Steve, you slacker !

Love the hair !

Looking good :wave:

Always just got to be myself…… hairs green atm. That was from mid summer later year

I’m still not allowed to be myself :unamused:
Retired nearly 2 years ago, thought great, now I don’t need a ‘respectable’ appearance for work I can grow a beard and pony tail (not that I could afford - or even ride - a Harley).
Her indoors wasn’t having any of that though, so after 3 weeks it was back to the clean shaven comb over look.

was there anyone who didn’t try a beard grow in the times of lockdown?

I did, there are photos, but these are locked down