You've got 12 weeks - Balrog

We finally went and ordered our new lounge suite this morning and it came with a free beech table and six chairs and we don’t have to pay for it for a year from delivery. So the Balrog has no more excuses not to do up the lounge. He knocked part of the fireplace out nearly 3 years ago when we bought a larger TV and got no further because he had no inspiration on what to do and how to fit everythng round it and he didn’t want to make it in Mahogany he was fed up with it, but it would be expensive to do it in a different wood because we would have to buy a new table and six chairs as well as all the other decorating costs. His excuse was he had all these wonderful ideas and plans if we went beech. Fireplace fully ripped out, etc etc.

Well he has no more excuses the suite arrives in 12 weeks he needs to get off the fourms and get his building hat on. :eek: We can bore everyone to death with our progress like those TV home make over programmes.:smiley:

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

But I do feel that a nice big LCD would set things off nicely :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You tell him Mrs.B :smiley:

:woot: Can we have before, during and after pics please? :smiley:

I love seeing a room take shape :clap:

i think coming home and finding Anna Ryder-Richardson hiding in your bedroom qualifies as a ‘GOOD’ surprise :smiley:

Thank you for the link Neal - I will propably be writing into one of his shows this time next year asking if someone could finish my lounge. :smiley:

Notice how quiet The Balrog is - no pictures - then no one can tell it still looks the same in 6 weeks time.:smiley:


OK suppose I’d better get going with this, so this is the before.

First the suite goes. Thats a done deal :slight_smile:

The fire & slate hearth goes, this means a new carpet, (not that it owes us anything). The facing brick wall either gets removed or plastered over. The door gets changed out for a beech one, the skirtings get ripped off and replaced with beech.

The TV with its erm… wiring goes.

The ‘unit’ goes. This is interestingly shaped because it used to be part of the old AV centre but has for the last 2 years seen temporary service here.

The dining suite goes to be replaced with a new beech one plus a couple of corner units.

Then its down to what’s left, lighting, plants, coffee tables.

Looks like a lovely home B and Mrs. B… should look top notch when the work is done. :wink:

I have to admit it looks a lot better in the pictures.

Originally posted by MrTFWitt
[B]I wouldn’t if I were you.

They will come in, stencil the walls with african figures, paint the fireplace a pastel green, creosote the carpet for that authentic rural atmosphere and &*^£ off to the pub laughing all the way.


I know I can’t believe what they do to some poor people’s homes and I’m sure it looks better on screen than it does in real life. I can imagine how awful some of these make overs look up close. I think we will stick to boring magnolia. Mind you the Balrog and I have already had a few heated arguments on what we are going to do with the brick wall, he now wants to knock it down:( and have no fireplace at all. We are good at talking the job and not actually doing anything, we have been going to change our lounge for the last 10 years.:smiley: I think the only reason we finally made a decision on a new suite is because our backs are so bad from sitting on the chairs where the foam has collapsed. It is not so bad if you put your legs out straight on the foot stool but the cats sleep on that now rather than the suite so you get hissed at if you put your feet up.:frowning:

:smiley: M@tt grabs wooden spoon

Six Weeks have past now, so how are you getting on, Mr Balrog?, or should I ask Mrs Balrog :chuckle:

Funny you such mention this - Thank you Matt - Yes six weeks has gone by and surprise surprise the lounge looks exactly the same :mad:

The Balrog did mention it this weekend and ask how long it is until the suite is delivered - to which I replied 6 weeks and he said really was it that long since we ordered it :frowning:

Some serious nagging is called for :smiley:

*Hids grabs spoon off M@tt

Go for it Mrs B :smiley:

Tell him we’re redecorating our living room, painting front door (first coat done) and painting kids bedroom unit (first coat done) this week :wink:

Time to stir the pot again :smiley:

Is it done yet Mrs B?

Shhh… Don’t wake her. …

… and her lappy’s about to go fatal :smiley:

:haha: would that be a no then Balrog? :hehehmm:


Me grabs mantle and bumps thread. Paint and wallpaper should dry quickly in this weather :sneaky:


Thanks - DT Though I think if I wanted metal furniture I would stand more chance

How can a grubby old machine hold such interest to two adults all day :confused:

(Sorry it is not dirty anymore as it has been lovingly cleaned for hours every evening this week )

Chris our son who is still recovering from his knee operation and on crutches and should not be standing is out there as well :eek: