You've got 12 weeks - Balrog


Um… Oh well guys, You have to admit I’ve done well so far. Over 5 months of resistance and stubborn nonchalance. I’m quite exhausted. :smiley:

//Goes to polish up big hammer and crow bar. :frowning: //


:chin: :idea: … err … don’t s’pose Mrs B would accept a self certified sicknote then … summat like Post Holiday Depression Syndrome :wink:


LOL. In a two letter word - unlikely.

:idea: Wait a minute that’s 7 letters.

OMG I can’t count. Just imagine what I’ll do with the tape measure. Best leave the decorating till I’ve recovered :smiley:


Bump again since Blarog was laughing at PMM having his farm building thread resuerected :devil:


Yes… how is that decorating coming along?


Thanks for asking :smiley:

Progress has been pretty consistent over the last 5 months :o


Consistently lacking? :chuckle:


lol…hes a true slacker at heart…


more than that, he’s a dedicated professional, constantly driving his mind and body towards the highermost level of slacking perfection.

I salute your fortitude Sir Balrog :worship:


Hes still got a long way to go to be king slacker :smiley:


How does one have an electrical receptacle come out of a brick chimney? :confused:


Its false, just conceales a 4" dia gas flue.

However I’m somewhat embarassed to admit that that is something I actually did. Its punched through from the kitchen. Do I get any slacker points from the fact that it was a temporary measure 11 years ago and be fair lads, it is for the telly :smiley:


Defo an extra 6 slacker points for use of cable tidy’s :smiley:


I thought the slacker points had more to do with leveling the TV with a piece of wood as the carpet was only installed under part of it.




Oh dear, this thread has somehow slipped on to page 3. Now how did that happen. :devil:


:cheers: :haddock:


Thank you Efaill :smiley:

Well we did get as far as B & Q, did not buy anything. We also now have no gas fire, just a lot of brick dust it got disconnected to investigate the chimney and I was told it was not worth putting back :frowning: We also have lots of very impressive ‘drawings’ but still no progress. It will be a shame if the Balrog can’t make it to Mojo’s if he is still trying to do or finish the lounge :wink: :nod:

By the way he now has got the hall and the downstairs loo added to his list. :smiley:


lmao :lol: :cry: :lol: stop it please stop it :lol: :devil:



Another fortnight passes and still nothing eh Balrog :devil: