You've got 12 weeks - Balrog


Pretty much a uniform rate of progress to report :smiley: :o



Mrs.B is going to have to wheel out the Ban on “Marital Relations” is she? :wink:


lol @ this thread :smiley:


You bu99er. You bumped it :smiley:

Yaaay just noticed 18th April - 26th October. Made it to over 6 months.

Wow that Yaaay was quite exhausting. Need break from all this DIY stress for a day or two.

:o :o :o


so uve actually finished this job? and are we getting pics to prove it?


Well I’ve really cooked my goose on this one now :frowning:

Can’t get a decent plasterer for a couple of months so Mrs B is agitating to do the hall upstairs & down whilst we’re waiting. Its a bit big, think we’re going to need 17 rolls of paper. So we’re off to the shops in a mo to have a look. Then its down to the hire shop to get a big bu99er off wallpaper stripper. Paper’s been there 17 years and had god knows how many coats of paint on top. Its going to be fun :wall:


:lol: you can’t say you never had enough time to plan :chuckle:



Round 64 to Mrs Balrog :smiley: it’s down hill now for the Balrog. Thought it was best to buy a wall paper steamer rather than hire one as he has a lot of wall paper to remove and he will be able to get on in the evenings :nod:

Here is proof he has actually started, suggested he started on the hall while we are waiting to get a plasterer for the lounge :wink:

Only another 14 rolls of paper to strip off :smiley:


Oh well, twas a long and hard fought campaign of resistance. If anyone ever doubted that she would eventually prevail then all I can say is, …

your probably not married :frowning:


:haha: :haha:

spot on Mr B :frowning: :wink:



wow this is one huuuuuge thread…and a tip for the steamer, score lines int he wallpaper with a stanley knife first, the steam gets under the paper aswell then and its eaiser :slight_smile:


Had our start-up on site project meeting :wink: and can’t agree on the height for the plasma. This is kind of important because its going to be recessed. What height is yours to the centre.

Oh, the hall wallpaper is stripped now thank God.


A few freindly enquiries so I though I’d just update you with the progress.

None :smiley:



Laughed so loud the dog nearly $h1t itself :lol: :lol: :lol:


I see that this had dropped off page one… time to BUMP !!! :stuck_out_tongue:



The last 2 month’s work/carnage :stuck_out_tongue:


That you so much Mortlake, yes I have had words about the decorating. We seem to be getting more and more boxes, gas fire, fire surround, unit but no work :mad: We both had the flu straight after Xmas so did not feel like doing anything plus the dreaded 6 month tax bill to pay. But there is no reason why we can’t start painting the hall we bought the paint and we have chosen the wallpaper just got to order it. Some of the excuses were we were not sure what to do, knock out the cupboard or not under the stairs etc. Well we went all through that last weekend and the ‘royal we’ decided exactly what is to be done :smiley: So nagging please start here :smiley:

Ah I see the Balrog beat me to it he is meant to be clearing up the kitchen :mad: not on the computer. Well to get a plasterer in for the lounge will mean we have to smash off the tiles in the downstairs loo and remove the loo etc as no one will come in just to do the lounge wall. We want to tile the whole loo and need the walls plastered I don’'t know if I can face another room in a complete mess.


See what you’ve done now.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :smiley:


lmao … we can see what you haven’t done :stuck_out_tongue:

… and it’s catching … I haven’t started yet either (but very good at promises of “next weekend dear” ) :wink:


and the drama continues :lol: