You've got 12 weeks - Balrog


First, holy thread reserection batman, secondly any progress or pictures of the finished result :wink:


Ah the 6 monthly lets drag up the Balrog decorating thread ploy :wink: :slight_smile:



It has been 15 months since the original ultimatum.

I would be singing Soprano now if I tried that :eek:

I sincerely hope, for his sake, he has finished!


It’s been two and a half weeks on the kitchen here - and I’m not singing soprano, but there has been a serious lack in cakes being made. That’s enough motive for me - made it suitable enough to make cookies yesterday :woot:



Have been so busy and have not been on the Forums for awhile and missed the fact that someone bumped this thread. :smiley:

I can report the lounge and hall is still exactly the same :mad: in fact the wall paper I chose and stuck to the wall as a sample I do not even like anymore the Balrog said it was a good job he never got round to putting it up :smiley:

We just have loads of samples stuck to the wall and people vote on them when they come round

I can report that on our return from Aus [B]


In all fairness to the Balrog he has been very busy these last few months and he did a lot of work on my elderly Aunt’s flat when she moved a few months ago. :smiley:


has it crossed the minds of either of you to just get someone in to do it?


Our experiences on the rare occasion we have got someone in to do something is they charge the earth and still do not do a good job :mad: Also what we want to do I don’t think we could afford to pay someone to do. The Balrog actually wants to replace all the skirting boards in the lounge and hall and all the doors in the house including all the wood door surrounds. They really all need replacing the wood is quite grotty and it seemed the time to do it when we are decorating the hall and lounge. It is no good doing once we have wall papered.

This is really the reason why I think we have not actually got on, it is such a major job. It could mean not only no wallpaper, hole in the lounge wall but no doors or door frames for the next year :eek:


I know someone who may be able to get you all the materials you need for rather nice prices :wink: Between us the DT clan could probably do the woodwork job for you in a weekend. PM me the room dimensions and plans for the skirtings, and all the door dimensions and type of door you want.

I’ll put money on it I can get you cheaper :wink:



DT - Will speak to you when we come back from Aus :smiley:




You wicked, wicked man :D. Fancy bringing this up, just before xmas :lol:
Nice bump!!


Me goes to buy shares in B&Q :lol:


Wow can t belive this thread is over 2 1/2 years old and that Balrog is still able to classify himself technically as man :eek:


well … he has been out of range for a while :wink:


Oh best laugh I had in a week…
You go Mrs. B, and if you need any help let me know, I can crack a pretty good whip too!


/me wonders if we should call DIY SOS :chuckle:

Then again, they probably too efficient and then we’d have no reason to taunt The Balrog.


Balls of steel that girl :wink:


want a hand my wifes a trainee nurse and in that respect must have some sadism about her


So a progress report required then. Weeell…

The plastering around the TV is done (but not painted)
The wood arrived for the skirtings and door frames last Wednesday. I put it in the garage.






Aaah yes, wood that is to be used in a houshold environment needs to be stored in an area adjacent to it’s final “fixed” position. The length of storage time is governed by … erm … *flicks through pages of “slackers guide to DIY - 14th edition” * … here we are, page 91 - material storage time is directly related to, and governed by, how well you hid the tools required for the planned work

You don’t miss a trick do you Mr B :tiphat: